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About Us

Beginning Visions Child Development Center is not called a day care center because the facility's mission is not just "day care," but mostly it is an effort to work with each family it serves in helping them to develop their children into the people that God intended them to be.  We believe in nuturing, as well as educating.  Most skills in life have to be taught and are not just God-given.  Because young children learn best through personal experiences, we promote activities such as hands-on feeling and tasting, playing and expressing, running and building, laughing and crying, and talking and screaming to help to develop social skills.  We plan a curriculum that also teaches the joy of learning, the ability to get along with others, and the necessity of being a pleasant personality.  We emphasize the importance of Christian values, the excitement of friendship, the value of hard work, the proper respect for authority and many other fine points which children need to understand before entering the public school.

We believe that the children entrusted to our care will become the very best citizens that America can produce, and we take pride in being a part of that process in their lives.  We are blessed with such a privilege!




"Develop a Child to be All God Intended, as well as, Develop a Quality Business"