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CACFP Assistance Program

CACFP stands for Child and Adult Care Food Program.  This is a federal grant that will reimburse a child home care or a child center for the food,  labor, and operating expenses used to provide nutritious meals and snacks.  These meals can be catered or cooked on site.

Everyone needs to participate in this benefit so the home or center can afford good nutritous foods.  With the many requirements of the new star ratings, more profit is a necessity.  Quality costs.  We would love to come to your center and assist you with all the paperwork nedded to apply and be accepted into the CACFP program and once you are approved, we will  come monthly to maintain records which satisfy the program requirements.  We will file your claim for you in a timely fashion.  This frees you up to work on the multitude of other tasks demanding your attention, while still earning extra money monthly.  A center of 50 could average $4,000 monthly.  Let us show you how!!  Call today!!  

Every day you wait, is one day less reimbursement you could have received to offset your rising food costs.   Let us help you with that burden.    



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