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Beginning Visions Child Development Center began 12 years ago when the Kerley family was looking for childcare for their own grandchildren.  All of you who are grandparents know that nothing but the best is acceptable, and we just could not find what we thought was the best care.

Nelson Kerley, who had just sold the Ol' Miner Restaurant after 25 years, and Roxanna Kerley, grandmother, past teacher, and present RN, were looking for a new challenge.  They were joined by their daughter, Valerie, who was also a nurse and mother of Tyler, 4 and Brittany, 2 to create Beginning Visions Child Development Center. 

Now, 12 years later, the grand kids are almost grown (or they think they are), and we have expanded our successful, quality child development business to serve others who desire to have quality homes and centers which also make a profit.  Advice is plentiful, but putting action to those words is priceless.  If you want to succeed and be financially viable, call us!!  We have done it and you can do it too!!

 We offer assistance with:

  • Enrollment and maintenance of the CACFP food program, which will increase your income.  This is a valuable, necessary benefit which everyone really must use to enhance their profit margins.
  • ITERS, ECKERS, SACERS training and evaluation by a licensed assessor
  • Product selection to satisfy the above requirements
  • Financial evaluation and budget planning
  • Required training programs to meet regulations, and on-line orientation for employees


"Develop a Child to be All God Intended, as well as, Develop a Quality Business"